Let’s Break The Ice- why a G&T?

It’s probably the most refreshing and easiest drink to order anywhere in the world. You can name Hendricks tonic, gin and tonic – call it whatever you want to- as long as it has gin in it, your good.

You are the Founder and CEO of Medical Expectations, a Healthcare Entrepreneur, Pioneer and Campaigner, a Movie Producer and more. How do you do it all?

It all kind of blends together actually. Most people don’t see the film industry and healthcare as having connectivity, but I see the film industry as an underutilized medium that can help people take care of themselves. Most people don’t read like they used to and most people don’t absorb knowledge well unless it is visually stimulating. It’s a great way to use a medium that helps people recall what their doctors have told them- it’s a way for it to stick in their mind- we found that it works. So I’ve married Hollywood and Healthcare.


Break The Ice TV- With Kevin Lamb- Gin and Tonic

Why healthcare? Where did this passion start?

It’s the most important thing to the human race. Technology is so advanced that I am surprised when people die. There are so many people trying to access the system (that was designed for fewer) that it has become a real strangle in the industry. It’s not that healthcare costs are going up but there are, in fact, more people accessing it. We need to put the responsibility back on the consumer because healthcare is a consumer driven market now.

You have had numerous different businesses. Are there specific skills you needed to have (as an entrepreneur) to build a successful business?

It’s not really about having a skill set but rather having a discipline and a tenacious personality. Don’t give up. We have so many chapters in our lives- and with entrepreneurs, the one thing you can’t do is give up. You have to look at your failure as a building block for the next success you are going to have. If you don’t have that ability to compartmentalize your failures and successes, you won’t be successful in the long run.


Break The Ice TV- With Kevin Lamb- Gin and Tonic

Break The Ice TV- With Kevin Lamb- Gin and Tonic

Your latest venture focuses on the power of video to give patients the information they need to help them manage and control their conditions. Is this to appeal to a younger generation?

It is for all generations. The one thing about healthcare and our lives is that we all have one, right? We realised that using video to teach people or expose them to subject matter is a very effective way to train them. A person that has a diagnosis of something will leave their doctors office and forget 80 percent of what their doctor told them before they get to the car. They are worried about what their doctor told them and not what they can do about it instead. We are trying to fill that gap where the loss of knowledge is supported by something that’s just like what it was in the doctor’s office.

We don’t just shoot step by step tutorials- there’s storytelling involved. It’s not meant to be entertaining, its meant to be engaging.

Are you a goal setter?

I think milestones are important but goals have a tendency to be a finale to me. When you score, you make a goal- its over. If I reach my goal, I’m finished and I’m ready to do something else but milestones are building blocks.

Where do you see Medical Expectations in the next 5 years?

I hope and plan for the company to have video footprints in multiple languages and multiple countries. I hope that we can go into the most significant disease stage so that we can impact patients and help them understand that it doesn’t have to be that scary; it just has to be faced. You have to face it.

Talk to me about the increase in Healthcare costs?

Healthcare is the one industry that has been beat up over the rising costs. While our population is growing so dramatically,  the health of our population is declining because of diabetes… and lifestyle choices more than anything. So the systems are being cluttered with patients who are causing the health costs to go up. The overworking of the health care system is creating a mess. The costs are being reduced individually but globally it is increasing because there are more patients.


Break The Ice TV- With Kevin Lamb- Gin and Tonic

If you could tell your 20 year old something, what would it be?

Don’t give up and seek council when necessary. Don’t think you know it all because you don’t. At my age, I will gladly say, I don’t know it all. Even now, I seek council from people that are even younger than me but have more experience in one particular area. Don’t discount your lack of knowledge- embrace it and seek answers. Go to the next level, always.

If you could Break The Ice with anybody, past or present, who would it be and why?

The one person I would really like to get to know but can’t because he has passed, is Ronald Reagan. The reason why is because he was in the film business and then used  his expertise in communication and acting to become one of the most revered leaders the world has ever seen.


Break The Ice TV- With Kevin Lamb- Gin and Tonic


Videography: Cors Media

Photography: Jack Lewis Williams

Talent: Kevin Lamb

Host: Kendal Olivia Barrett

Location: The Artist Residence, London

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