Lauren Lyle- Break The Ice TV

Let’s Break The Ice- we are are drinking coffee but what is your “go to” drink?

Whiskey- definitely Whiskey. I’ve had to get into it because everyone in Outlander drinks it and my grandpa loves it! But I do love some strong black coffee.

Congratulations on Outlander. What was it like walking onto a set of established characters and actors such as Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe- did you get nervous?

Yes! I was very nervous. When I auditioned for the show I didn’t know who they were because I had never watched it. On my first day on set, I was terrified. I had never been on such a big set before.  I met Caitriona at the read through very briefly but other than that I didn’t really know anyone. The first scene I ever did was one where I had to attack Cat’s character- our relationship was meant to be very negative so it kind of worked that we didn’t really know each other. She is so beautiful, tall, intelligent and commanding. She just has this energy of being a goddess- I was so intimidated! But after a while of working together, we became very good friends! It was like a summer camp during filming because no one ever went home at night- we were always all together. So we became really close. She became a bit like a guiding light for me.

It seems like you just started booking job after job but that wasn’t the case. How did you deal with rejection?

I am still dealing with it. I think as actors- we are always dealing with it. My parents have always been a big influence in my life and when it came to my dad’s pep talks with me, his catch phrase was always “patience and resilience”. It’s actually really great and simple advice. Someone once said to me “answers will come, rejection will come, shit will happen but you have to just ride with it for a while and hope for the best”- a lot of it is also luck.

What kind of things should aspiring actors get involved in to prepare themselves for the industry?

I would say they should find themselves a community- that;s very important. Being an actor is a super solitary career- it can be very lonely. So if you can find a theatre company to work with, acting classes or a production company that you create with friends, that would be good. I am involved in a strong community of actors where we create things together- actors, producers, directors- that is where the industry is going now- everyone is making a lot of their own work.

Lauren Lyle- Break The Ice TVLauren Lyle- Break The Ice TV

So do you think as an actor that it is important to have your feelers in other fields- such as Writing, Directing, Producing?

Yes I do. I think it’s important that you are aware of everyone’s job when you are on a set or on a show. Everyone respects you a lot more if you have something to say about it and you understand where they are coming from- it makes for a much more collaborative situation.

You’ve just shot a new film called “Girls Who Drink”. It is very different from Outlander- can you tell us a bit about it?

Girls Who Drink is a short directed by Lily Rose Thomas. We met on a writers retreat and a while later she asked me to get involved in the film. With men we often explore alcoholism and the depths of which it can affect your mental health but with women, we don’t really see that. They are often portrayed as the “party girl” – we don’t see that it can also be an issue for women and young girls as well. This movie explores that and the relevant experiences we don’t often see. It has been very well received.

Lauren Lyle- Break The Ice TV

If you could Break The Ice with anyone, past or present, who would it be and why?

I actually think it would be very interesting to meet Jesus. I would ask him what happened and what actually went down- it would be quite interesting to see what he had to say. He would have a lot of insight – and you would hold a lot of power. People would want to know a lot from you.  David Bowie or Stevie Nicks would also be great!

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